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Помня Прошлое, Созидая Будущее, Жить Настоящим!

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Вы, Старшие, позвавшие меня на путь труда, примите мое умение и желание, примите мой труд и учите меня среди дня и среди ночи. Дайте мне руку помощи, ибо труден путь. Я пойду за вами!

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12 дек. 2007 г.

Tzar Vova I Putin

Nordic Israel


The Corded crania are larger than any from Egypt, and are metrically very similar to the Elmenteita skulls from East Africa - the two groups could be combined without loss of homogeneity. In Mesopotamia, they may be favorably compared with the three dynastic skulls from Ur, although they are higher vaulted than the other early groups.

Это цитата из Куна, одного из классиков современной антропологии.

Напомню, что родина Аврахама – “первого еврея” – город Ур халдейский, расположенный в Северной Месопотамии. Corded – это нордический расовый тип индоевропейцев (он отличен от современного хальштаттского нордического типа, который считается смесью corded и кроманьоидного типа; ближе к восточно-европейскому нордиду).

NS from Canada

Greetings National-Socialist comrades around the world:
I think the proposal to offer web space to comrades whose websites are forced down is an excellent idea. My hosting service is located in the US and is pretty good about the material we put on our website. Their only stated concern is about copyright. That is the only restriction I would put on any group whose site I would provide hosting for. With that one condition I offer our web space to whatever N-S group might need help in that way.We are in a real fight here in Canada about freedom of speech on the internet. Even though we host our sites in the US, the Canadian ZOG has developed laws whereby they can still charge us with 'discrimination' and/or 'hate'. Our Party website is under continual surveillance by both local police departments across Canada and by the national police. I myself currently have a 'discrimination' ruling against me which I have appealed to Federal Court and I have possible 'hate' charges pending against me. Our Party website was knocked down by hackers supported by the ZOG about a year ago.
However, we persevere!
Terry Tremaine (National Director, National-Socialist Party of Canada)


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Left-wing Judge dismisses charge s against Marxist gang members

Three people were arrested for entering a Harrisburg, VA Barnes & Nobles book store wearing masks and screaming “nazi” at several customers. When police arrived, the masked men claimed that they had a tip that “nazis” were in the book store.
The men are identified as part of the “antifa” movement by a website for the left-wing gang “OPP”. “Antifa” is a euphemism for anyone belonging to an extreme left-wing gang. “OPP” identifies such people as Jared Taylor, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and Steve Sailor as “nazis.” So pretty much anyone can be identified as a “nazi” who is to the right of Ted Kennedy.
Police arrived and two men were charged with felonies, and a third with a misdemeanor. Two of the three had entered Barnes & Nobles wearing masks over their faces which is a felony.
Judge William Heatwole of Rockingham General District Court, ordered the defendants never to return to the Barnes & Nobles, but dropped all criminal charges because, “you’re intentions were the best.”
Just imagine that members of the minutemen entered a book store wearing masks and screamed at people they suspected of being illegal aliens. Do you think for an instant thatJudge William Heatwole would drop the charges then?
Members of the “antifa” movement have been arrested for a wide array of violent crimes in the Northeast and the Northwest. Earlier this year, “antifa” gang members beat to death an Iraq War veteran for wearing a Lynard Skynard t-shirt with a small Confederate Flag on it in Massachusetts

The unofficial visit of Lady Nibaal to Western Ukraine!

Lady Nibaal decided to honor us with her presence! During the course of her unofficial visit, the plans were made how to insure peaceful separation of Ingermalandia from Russia-Parasha. Ukrainian National-Socialists totally understand Russian patriots’ strive to rid their Motherland of racially deficient elements. We work hard on organizing the “robbery of the century”, which is meant to provide White patriots, who live on the edge of oicumena, with financial means of making the ideals of NS appealing to the wide range of racially conscious citizens. Lady Nibaal was guaranteed her share of the profit, which amounts to approximately $5 million. Unfortunately, Lady Nibaal had forgotten to leave her mailing address, upon her departure. We ask Russian patriots to bring to the attention of Lady Nibaal the fact that her share of the profit is going to wait for her in Private Bank’s safety deposit box. She can claim it at any time convenient to her.

Восточная Фаланга - независимая исследовательская и консалтинговая группа, целью которой является изучение философии, геополитики, политологии, этнологии, религиоведения, искусства и литературы на принципах философии традиционализма. Исследования осуществляются в границах закона, базируясь на принципах свободы слова, плюрализма мнений, права на свободный доступ к информации и на научной методологии. Сайт не размещает материалы пропаганды национальной или социальной вражды, экстремизма, радикализма, тоталитаризма, призывов к нарушению действующего законодательства. Все материалы представляются на дискуссионной основе.

Східна Фаланга
- незалежна дослідницька та консалтингова група, що ставить на меті студії філософії, геополітики, політології, етнології, релігієзнавства, мистецтва й літератури на базі філософії традиціоналізму. Дослідження здійснюються в рамках закону, базуючись на принципах свободи слова, плюралізму, права на вільний доступ до інформації та на науковій методології. Сайт не містить пропаганди національної чи суспільної ворожнечі, екстремізму, радикалізму, тоталітаризму, порушення діючого законодавства. Всі матеріали публікуються на дискусійній основі.


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