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2 июл. 2007 г.

The Conservative Revolution Blog

The Conservative Revolution Blog




by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"It is actually interesting to see how the Islamic threat will weld Europeans and Jews together. A new form of progressive nationalism is forming now as this new breed of European nationalists see Jews as allies and brothers. But so much has to be done first. We have to heal wounds which were inflicted by Hitler and all the other reactionary nationalists and of course the Church - both Catholic and Protestant. The biggest task is to make the Jews trust the ETHNIC European nationalism."-- Kai Murros

Why do some people single out Jews for occupying "stolen land"? Was not Rhodesia "stolen land"? Is not the entire US "stolen land"?

The US controls Israel and uses it as a military outpost in the Middle East. Do White gentiles have no part in the destruction of Europe, is it ALL the Jews' fault? I simply cannot relate to the sometimes absurd reasoning of White nationalists anymore. Basically, most (not all, fortunately) White nationalists live in a comic book world. They desperately need an enemy that is all-evil and all-powerful. They need a super villain on which they can pin ALL the blame. They refuse to see that shades of grey exist. The problem lies squarely with neoliberal capitalism and the accompanying multiculturalist and ultra-left-liberal agenda. While some Jews might be in on this, so are many White gentiles. Hence, it makes no sense to demonize an entire people, especially when one considers that many Jews are on the side of Europe and not her enemies.Many Jews maintain that their ethnic group HAS to separate itself from ALL gentiles, be they White, yellow or black. Many European Jews do NOT see themselves as Whites since they feel ABSOLUTELY NO spiritual connection to European gentiles. Italians, on the other hand, surely feel somewhat bonded to their fellow Europeans. Many Jews see themselves as belonging to a completely separate entity, separated from the rest of humanity as a whole. Hence, many European Jews do not feel any connection whatsoever to European gentiles. However, these Jews see absolutely no problem in living in countries other than Israel (the Jews' ancestral homeland and rightful base of operations). Not only that, they also hold positions of considerable influence in politics and the media. Do these Jews (that view themselves as being irreconcilably apart from their host nations) then not constitute a treacherous entity, an alien element that OBVIOUSLY (according to these Jews' OWN ADMISSION) does not rule or sway opinions in favor of the majority?One of the problems with some Jews in AmeriKa and Europe is that they vehemently promote ethnocentrism IN ISRAEL but are STAUNCHLY OPPOSED to ANY KIND of nationalism (= ethnocentrism) in European nations. This is what sets some Jews apart from Italians. Meaning, I have yet to meet Italian nationalists who are opposed to other European nationalists. Sad to say, but it must be pointed out, that if Jews are a part of the White race they surely are the ONLY White ethnic group that advocates nationalism FOR THEIR KIND while, at the same time, condemning it for other White ethnic groups. Some Jews in AmeriKa and Europe wish to see Israel survive as a "Jewish ETHNIC [as opposed to religious] state" while at the same CONDEMNING their WHITE HOST NATIONS trying to implement measures that would ensure THEIR survival.Various European nationalists hate each other's guts. Jewish nationalism (Zionism) views itself as moral and "good" while it views European nationalism (of any variety) as immoral and "bad" (because of its supposed "xenophobic" nature - as if Zionists are not "xenophobic" as well!). So, while a Serbian nationalist may hate a Croatian nationalist, the former would surely never argue that the latter's nationalism is intrinsically "evil." Some Jews, though, do exactly that. They advocate nationalism for their people but discourage others from doing likewise.Israel is a multicultural hellhole as well, by the way. Neo-liberalism and notions of racial suicide are just as rampant there as they are in Europe and AmeriKa. Hence, the ridiculous claim that Jews advocate purity for their own but mixing for others does not hold water. Plus, the majority of Jews in Europe and AmeriKa marry gentiles, hence they do not stick to themselves in most cases. I doubt that most Jews act the way they do for ideological reasons, as people like Kevin MacDonald claim. Just like White gentiles, some Jews are mostly after money and power. Simply put: THERE IS NO JEWISH CONSPIRACY.Being anti-Zionist is the same as being anti-Semitic. Zionists fight for the ancient homeland of the Jewish people. To deny them the right to fight for what has always been the Jews' own land is tantamount to denying the Jewish people to evolve and prosper as a nation. Ahmadinejad is an enemy of the Jewish people as he is opposed to Zionism. Surely, Ahmadinjead would like nothing more than Israel ceasing to exist as a Jewish state. Ahmadinejad surely wants Jews and Palestinians enjoying equal rights in a non-apartheid Israel. This wish equals the desire to "wipe Israel off the map" as the demographic situation (rabbit-style reproducing Arabs versus barely-reproducing Jews) in this scenario would spell the death of the Jewish people. Hence, Ahmadinejad calls for genocide to be committed against the Jewish people. In that sense, he is as bad a Nazi as a Nazi can be. He is an Islamonazi, no doubt about it.Race realism was a dominant ideology in the United States at the same time that Hitler introduced anti-Semitism as Germany's state policy. The US was a racialist state without the anti-Semitic baggage. Why can most Jews not see that? After all, a racialist AmeriKa helped defeat an anti-Semitic Germany in World War II. Harvard, Yale and Princeton tried to keep Jews out of their schools. However, they are private schools, hence they - at least at that time, before forced integration and affirmative action - were able to conduct their own affairs and decide who to accept as students and who not, independent from the government. In contrast to Nazi Germany, however, in the United States there were no governmental legislations that decreed anti-Semitism an official state policy. All discriminatory policies against Jews at the time were only applicable in the context of private organizations pursuing them.Ashkenazi Jews are basically Germanic Jews since they originated in Southern Germany. They even spoke a Germanic language, Yiddish. Hence, Ashkenazi Jews had more in common with the original White settler population in America, the English and the Germans, than Sephardic Jews.

Conservative Revolution: Thule Sarmatia: Ave Helgi Avatara!: DARK ELVES

Conservative Revolution: Thule Sarmatia: Ave Helgi Avatara!: DARK ELVES

Conservative Revolutionary movement

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Conservative Revolutionary movement was a German nationalist literary youth movement, prominent in the years following the First World War. None of the leading figures in this movement was a Nazi. The Conservative Revolutionary school of thought advocated a "new" conservatism and nationalism that was specifically German, or Prussian in particular. Like other conservative movements in the same period, they sought to put a stop to the rising tide of communism by advocating their own brand of "conservative socialism".

The Conservative Revolutionaries based their ideas on organic rather than materialistic thinking, on quality instead of quantity and on Volksgemeinschaft ("folk-community") rather than class conflict and ochlocracy. These writers produced a profusion of radical nationalistic literature that consisted of war diaries, combat fictional works, political journalism, manifestos, and philosophical treatises outlining their ideas for the transformation of German cultural and political life. The movement had a wide influence among many of Germany’s most gifted youth, universities and middle classes.

The term "Conservative Revolution" predates the First World War, but the writer Hugo von Hofmannsthal and the political theorist Edgar Julius Jung were instrumental in making this term an established concept of the Weimar period.

The Conservative Revolutionaries, many of whom were born in the last decade of the nineteenth century, were all basically formed by their experiences of the First World War. The war and the German Revolution was for them a clean break from the past, which left them greatly disillusioned. First, the experience of the horrors of trench warfare, the filth, the hunger, the negation of heroism to a man’s effort to stay alive on the battlefield and the random death led to many recognizing that there was no meaning to this war, or to life itself. They also had to contend with the Dolchstoßlegende ("stab-in-the-back legend") of the end of the war. Second, in this Kriegserlebnis, they sought to re-establish the Frontgemeinschaft (the frontline camaraderie) that defined their existence on the warfront. They felt that they were "like a puppet which has to dance for the demonic entertainment of evil spirits". Some were attracted to nihilist ideas. In their Froschperspektive writings, they sought to give their experience meaning.

Edgar Julius Jung, a prominent leader in the movement, was killed by the Nazis in the infamous Night of the Long Knives.

The Conservative Revolution in the Weimar Republic, pg 29.

BibliographyTravers, Martin (2001). Critics of Modernity: The Literature of the Conservative Revolution in Germany, 1890-1933. Peter Lang Publishing. ISBN 0-82044-927-X.Herf, Jeffrey (2002). Reactionary Modernism: Technology, Culture, and Politics in Weimar and the Third Reich, reprint edition, Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-52133-833-6.Stern, Fritz R. (1974). The Politics of Cultural Despair: A Study in the Rise of the Germanic Ideology, New Ed edition, University of California Press. ISBN 0-52002-626-8.Woods, Roger (1996). The Conservative Revolution in the Weimar Republic. St. Martin’s Press. ISBN 0-33365-014-X.



Heil comrades!

Update + Forum Stahlhelm >>> http://www.stahlhelm.public-ns.info/

If is the interest please send further the link.

Thank you in advance!

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Soldiers of Lucifer

The lost Nordic Spirit of modern NS men

The lost Nordic Spirit of modern NS men in Russia, in English by Macy Britashkina (Nathe)

An article in English for my English-speaking comrades.

Despite the fact that Russian National Socialistic Movement is quite large, the male members of it are sometimes lacking necessary qualities of character. Here I am going to speak of their over-anxious behavior concerning women and girlfriends.

Russian NS men tend to pay more attention to their private relations with women and discussing it openly in the Internet, than to the Struggle for the well-being of the nation and racial questions. It really makes me sad, because an NS man is associated with the Warrior, the Viking and not with a weak and ridiculous "lover". This is a problem for the whole movement, because the militant spirit is weakening.

The men are gradually losing the Nordic Spirit of their Ancestors. The only positive tendence is that Russian NS women are growing stronger in spirit and persuasions, and their views are growing more and more radical.

My opinion is that a NS must have a family. But the main thing for him must be the Idea, the Struggle, the Racial Pride, and not his own private affairs. Warm feelings must be shown at home, not in the Web.

Fortunately, not all the men are like that. A lot of my friends can be called True White Warriors. And thanks to such people the movement is alive and it is developing. And thanks to the White Women, the Valkyries, of course :).

by Macy (Nathe) Britashkina

This article is an English interpretation of my Russian article on this subject.

Данная статья - английская версия статьи "Снова про пиздострадальцев, или Урок мужества от Бриташкиной".
Восточная Фаланга - независимая исследовательская и консалтинговая группа, целью которой является изучение философии, геополитики, политологии, этнологии, религиоведения, искусства и литературы на принципах философии традиционализма. Исследования осуществляются в границах закона, базируясь на принципах свободы слова, плюрализма мнений, права на свободный доступ к информации и на научной методологии. Сайт не размещает материалы пропаганды национальной или социальной вражды, экстремизма, радикализма, тоталитаризма, призывов к нарушению действующего законодательства. Все материалы представляются на дискуссионной основе.

Східна Фаланга
- незалежна дослідницька та консалтингова група, що ставить на меті студії філософії, геополітики, політології, етнології, релігієзнавства, мистецтва й літератури на базі філософії традиціоналізму. Дослідження здійснюються в рамках закону, базуючись на принципах свободи слова, плюралізму, права на вільний доступ до інформації та на науковій методології. Сайт не містить пропаганди національної чи суспільної ворожнечі, екстремізму, радикалізму, тоталітаризму, порушення діючого законодавства. Всі матеріали публікуються на дискусійній основі.


Если не указано иного, материалы журнала публикуются по лицензии Creative Commons BY NC SA 3.0

Эта лицензия позволяет другим перерабатывать, исправлять и развивать произведение на некоммерческой основе, до тех пор пока они упоминают оригинальное авторство и лицензируют производные работы на аналогичных лицензионных условиях. Пользователи могут не только получать и распространять произведение на условиях, идентичных данной лицензии («by-nc-sa»), но и переводить, создавать иные производные работы, основанные на этом произведении. Все новые произведения, основанные на этом, будут иметь одни и те же лицензии, поэтому все производные работы также будут носить некоммерческий характер.


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