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9 окт. 2014 г.

Pavlo Berest: Bastards, it's not your symbol!

History of Moscow imperialism - is the story of constant borrowing and thefts ideology. To begin with, that Moscow stole our name (Rus) and our history (they derive their own state from medieval Kievan Rus). For a while Moscow`s imperialism was based on the idea of "Third Rome," he says, "First Rome fell, the Second Rome (Constantinople) fell, Third Rome - Moscow, and the fourth - will not to be". However, when in Rome were not even aware that their Eternal City "has fallen"; As for the "Second Rome", he really fell, but gave Moscow its worst features - despotism, traditions of the Palace coups, distorted "Orthodoxy", entirely at the service of imperial interests. Subsequently Muscovites stole from Czechs idea of Pan-Slavism. Finally, after 1917 Moscow imperialism was based on the idea of a German Jew Karl Mordoheya Marx .

Traditions of Moscow today continue the so-called "separatists" in the east of the country. The creators of neo-Bolshevik "Novorossiya" choose for the symbol...American Confederate the flag! As already mentioned, the Moscow`s imperialism and stealing ideas - is indivisible things. But ideological preferences of "separatists" and that flag that they have chosen - is, to say different things!

First, a little history. In 1861, the United States civil war broke out between the South and the North. It is the flag of the South became the basis for plagiarism from "DNR" and "LNR". So, what was the essence of the conflict between North and South?

In general, when we talk about the United States, immediately recall the words Dmytro Yarosh: About the United States is not required to say much. State, founded by Masons and managed by them today. Now this is the only super empire that is trying to control the world. She "poke his nose" in all the "cracks", often get to the nose (eg, Iraq and Afghanistan). Counteracting to the nationalism and fundamental Christian principles - this is the mission of the modern America.

Thus, according to various sources, in fact American nationalism in every way suppressed by the leadership the United States. As you know, the United States and the European Union is almost completely controllable and their policy is subject to global multinational corporations that are directly involved, particularly also in support of the internal occupation regime of Ukrainian nation. This is the third anti-Ukrainian front". The victory of the North over the South was an important step in the formation of such America, which we know it today.

The dominant today historiography accustomed to portray the "bad" South and the "good" North: North "democratic" and "progressive" and South as "bad-bad slaveholders and racists". In fact, the conflict between South and North - a conflict between two cultures, two types of spirituality, two lifestyles. North was the victim of savage capitalism, the cult of profit as the highest value, insatiable pursuit of profit. South wanted to live in another way: slowly, with the aristocratic sense of honor and dignity, following to ancient traditions and customs. Residents of the South would remain people of culture and did agree to make the pursuit of the dollar as the main content of his life. As for "poor blacks fate", then, according to the creators of "official history", it is difficult to explain why in the Armed Forces Confederate States of America "for the defending the country Dixie from the tyranny of the federal government of Lincoln" fought about one hundred thousand blacks in the South ... In fact, from two distinct cultures emerged two different political ideals, and war is waged for the implementation of one of them. Unfortunately, North is won...

Sympathy for the Confederates is a classic element of historical of the Right mythology - conservative and nationalist forces. the Confederates Flag for most European and American Right movements is a native symbol. Instead, the dominant ideology of the DNR and the LNR - is neo-Bolshevism. Speaking by the Right terminology, "separatists" - a typical "antifa". Therefore they use the Right symbols have no moral right. With the same success they could steal the symbolism of the Vendee rebels who fought against "French Revolution" organized by Freemasons or the Spanish Francists - fighters against the homegrown communists and sent by the Moscow participants of "International Brigades" (the same "International Brigades" is fighting against Ukraine now).

How were thinking Donbass neo-reds, by choosing a symbols - is unknown. Probably very large portion of alcohol, which are used to reinforce the belief in the "Russian World", influenced, who knows...

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