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Nuestros Principios del Nacional-Justisialismo Сristiano >>>

¡Una nación es lo mejor en que se convierte un pueblo!
¡El nacionalismo es la forma más elevada de patriotismo de un pueblo unido en un solo estado!
¡Nacionalismo es imposible sin justicia social!
¡La justicia social es imposible sin un nacionalismo cristiano!
¡Nuestra hermosa herencia y nuestro excelente futuro son las dos bases de nuestro presente constructivo!
¡La dignidad humana, los derechos humanos y la libertad humana solo son posibles en el estado nacional de justicia social!
¡La democracia es la participación de los ciudadanos en su destino común! ¡Y la capacidad de protegerla!
¡Por la libertad, la dignidad y la democracia!
¡Por el honor de la familia, el trabajo bendito y la patria sagrada!
¡Y que Dios, la Virgen María y todos los santos de la Iglesia cristiana nos ayuden en esto!
Jefe Supremo de la Falange Oriental de las Juntas Ofensivas Social Cristianos (FO de las J.O.S.C.)
Нация - это то лучшее, чем становится народ!
Национализм - это высшая форма патриотизма народа, объединенного в единое государство!
Невозможен национализм без социальной справедливости!
Социальная справедливость невозможна без христианского национализма!
Наше прекрасное наследие и наше превосходное будущее - две основы нашего конструктивного настоящего!
Человеческое достоинство, права человека и свобода человека возможны только в национальном государстве социальной справедливости!
Демократия - это соучастие граждан в своей общей судьбе! И способность её защищать!
За свободу, достоинство и демократию!
За честь семьи, благословенный труд и священное Отечество!
И да поможет нам в этом Бог, Дева Мария и все святые христианской церкви!
Верховный вождь Восточной Фаланги Хунт Социал-Христианского Наступления (FO of J.O.S.C.)

4 июн. 2023 г.

Oleg Gutsulyak, PhD: Who is New Rome and New Carthage?

Russia is New Carthag
e! U.S. is the only western Inflow is the Hellenistic world, which was an outpost of Rome.

The fact is that just a "conservative Republican," the U.S. is a continuation and an emanation tellurocratic Rome opposes thalassocratic Carthage and Rome, in turn - tellurocratic Eurasian Hellenistic manifestation of Alexander the Great. That is, originally from the U.S. Capitol and the Senate it is not so much the true heir of Rome through the chain of continuity , as the whole Mediterranean-Eurasian civilization of Alexander the Great and his teacher Aristotle, it is - its colony -on- the Island of Númenor - "Vesterness , retraction"), Elanna-nore ("Directed to the Stars"), Andor ("The donated land").

Availability of the Fleet is not a measure of thalassocracy . It is known that the Empire of Alexander had a large fleet . And the Persians was superbly armed with a giant fleet , formerly a real hard time threat to the Greek city-states , which in the course of the Greco -Persian wars , again, teamed up together. And were the ships with Greek crews and in the same command. Although Carthage was a mighty fleet - and the trade , and battle , and there is evidence that the Carthaginian sailors get ostensibly to American shores . But the same fleet was and at Rome, and from the time of Gaius Julius Caesar , he even began to roam the Atlantic and keep her fighting...

The question arises : who is then an emanation thalassocratic Carthage ?

 Naturally, this is - Sunni Caliphate ( as unjust deny Shiites , so it can not be equated with the entire Islamic world !) , From the time of merchant ships in the Indian Ocean to the " ships of the desert and steppe " of Africa and Eurasia. And now we see strenuous efforts to regain his former power , though among themselves variants (Arabic or Turkish) while there is an irreconcilable struggle . And it's encouraging...

But there were also "avatars" of Carthage on the continent.

Earlier this - the Mongol- Tatar Horde since " infikatsii " her prophetic trade- virus Carthage - Medina, and from which there is a historical continuity to the Russian - Muscovy.

Then - the trade- usurious German capital of the world, from the Anglo -Saxons and Vikings to gezov Dutch , English " Roundheads " and " ruling the seas " of the Great Britain.

Now it is - " demo liberalism ", it is exceptionally project devouring Moloch and power trading and banking capital of Venetian financial oligarchy mondialist ( Rockefellers and Morgans ) . He's after the Second World War changed the shape of the imperial power (Great Britain ) on the Anglo -American "New Roman Empire " ( incorrectly identified as " atlantist ")...

Mindful of this truth its essence - is the American "Atlanticism" as the realization of the anti-imperial Carthage Mediterranean ideas of republican Rome, not only in the imposition of planetary arena (so only in this aspect will be correct to designate it as "Atlanticism", "spatial expansion", "mondializm "), but also in space (The Great space exploration of Mars, etc.)...

 "Avatar" Rome exist in the form of "espeditsionnyh corps" - from traveling in caravans kingdoms Cimmerian-Scythian-Sarmatian-Hungarians-Hazars, orders of chivalry era of the Crusades to the Christian militia (Cossacks) with not less than wandering around the islands of Zaporozhye "Sich", continental "wandering states", which was the Grand Army of Napoleon Bonaparte and the same wandering the prairies in wagons Colonia Islands pioneers of the Wild West. Eventually, all of them can be defined as "Our Europe"...

(с) Oleg Gutsulyak, Rome and Carthage: The Struggle Sontinues, 2012, in Russian language

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