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22 сент. 2007 г.

National Socialist Expressions

This is long but I decided best to post here and rant and talk or whatever among others who understand me and those who don't completely yet. Plus if anyone cares, I ask for their opinions.

I have come to the conclusion that unless I write what I think and in what I have a very strong belief in, that otherwise people will not learn the truth. And will not find out why it is I think the way I do and why I fight against it every day of my life. I care not one bit about being understood by those who oppose me and those who are my obvious enemies. I present my ideas and my knowledge towards those who share my point of view and perspective in life, and have yet to understand plenty more of why they trully believe in what they do just as I have to. I want to justify my opinions, my views, and explain them in the best details possible.

For those that read and are not familiar with this point of view, then I must urge them to carefully read and analyze this. I assure them once they comprehend why this ideology has been alive for so long, and living among us today, not only in the American continent but European as well; they will surely abandon their Communist-Marxist opinions that have been infiltrated and planted in their minds, the way Jews have always leeched on to beings of many nations for the past many years.

I am a National Socialist. I am an extreme believer, openly, in the continuity and prosperity of my White people. I do not see the difference in social classes, who has more money or who has more power or more weapons, I look beyond that and see the same blood that runs in my veins, the very same that runs in my people, my community. Today, we are not only united simply by living in the same place, state, country, or continent; we are united by our goal to create a better future for our race, to perserve its existence and lead the future of our people to prosperity and ultimate success.

I must ask, is it not something you wish for your people? For your people to be prosperous, successful, and have a greater future than what the present brings among all today and did yesterday? Surely, there must be negroes, yellows, browns, reds, Jews, that wish to answer this question, and of course their answers are best summarized as one, "Yes". Why can the Whites not have the same freedom of speech as these others do? Why? It is unfair, and not justifiable. This is what I fight for, not to be labeled as a "racist" or "bigot", but to be labeled as a White person, with the right to speak out and say, "Yes". Yes, I want a greater future for my people, for my family, for my friends!

Today, there are many who share the same view I do and are tired of being oppressed. But, the more I look into it, the Movement still stands alone, not in how many people the Movement is filled with, but in how we are still to include the rest of White people in it, both socially and politically. We are showered with a plague of laziness, stupidity, and cowardice. Cowards and defeatists. I fight against this plague with my brothers and sisters, but the fight cannot be won if we do not fight each other first. We must fight each other first in order to have everyone on one side, when we all are united on one side, we then go on and fight the fight against our enemies, against Communism, against Marxists and liberals junkies. The beasts who only wish to destroy the Aryan culture and infiltrate it with trash. They are the beasts who only have personal interests, and not for everyone, especially the White community. Sadly, there are many unteachable Aryans, who have been brainwashed and filled with evil thoughts and take actions, like hypnotized Jewish puppets, against their own flesh and blood.

The Aryan community struggles for surviving each and every day, for self-preservation. And the way I see it, just like I have always seen it from my very first History class, the way we can overcome such struggle is politics. Sure, politics bore people, but not these politics. These are politics of Aryan life, not like the liberal, communist filth that is fed to you daily by your local news station or radio station or the e-mails from your subscription to daily news on the web. No, these are the politics and type of leadership that our Aryan community needs. The kind that puts the preservation and continuation of our people above all, the kind that puts the life of our people in a moderate and organized fashion, such a fashion that we will never ever be put into a position such as today, of being afraid of the destruction of our entire race.

War. This is what it is, a modern and already existing war, a war that has existed ever since our brothers and sisters stood up for what was right, and had a Leader rise among them. A Leader that lives in our hearts, that daily is leading our every move in combat and in fight, our Fuhrer. This is the war that is not only affecting you and your family, but it is affecting your unborn, the future. Sure, the future has yet to be born, but without the unborn, there is a far more greater loss and it kills many more people than all the Jews in the Holohoax put together and however many times they multiply the amount, plus all the casualties there have been from historical wars.

I am tired of seeing heroes die and see criminals survive. I want to see our people not to die a heroic death but be heroic survivors, defeating all criminally insane Communist enemies. We must not be afraid to fight back for what is right and for what is White! We must fight, and if it means risking our lives to ensure the continuation of our people, then sign me up. Securing the existence of our people is something I must agree with, I cannot help but think of our passing brother, David Lane, who summarized it best. These fourteen words are what keeps me fighting, keeps my hopes up, "We Must Secure The Existence of Our People, and A Future For White Children".

This is no longer a battle, it is a war about life and the life of an Aryan community, that must be fought wisely and decisions of techniques of fighting must be made intelligently to serve life in its highest sense, with the goal of preserving Aryan life and certainly not resulting in cowardice resignation.

I know that the land we live on, and the Earth we populate is not owned by anyone, nor any race, but I dare say, those who possess the courage in their hearts to conquer it, preserve, and dominate it for the survival of their race, is the Aryan race.

The Jews have been the minds behind all evil for many, many generations. And they have been the ones behind all the blood-mixing and the many of bastard children that have been a result of one night stands, that the modern media welcomes daily with open arms and promotes that the idea of women being sluts, whores, prostitutes, and bitches of beasts is acceptable. For many years, the Zionist community has thought that it would surely lead to the destruction of all races but their own. This is as sickening as finding out the negro neighbor in your neighborhood assaulted a five year old living in the house next to yours.

If all racial, moral and ethical qualities vanish, the White race will perish from Earth. And we cannot let this happen, this is why we must educate our children of the dangers of race mixing and of the dangers of interacting with such beasts. The outcome of this disasterous race-mixing is the irreplaceable corrupted blood of a people, it destroys their inner Aryan quality. This is a concept that Jews do not comprehend, because if it does not include possession and wealth, it is something that the Jews do not understand and could care less about if it did not include the purchasing or trading or gain of something with monetary value. This is the Jewish contamination and internationalism that is degrading our Aryan people, and it is something that destroys and poisons our Aryan people's most significant qualities.

I know that almost all of the entire public opinion stands against me, but going out in front of them as a National Socialist, not as a deaftist, not as a coward, gives them a glimpse and only a little view of the great true strength that I have growing even more inside, for the fight of my life, for the fight of my people, for the fight of the National Socialist movement.

Because I know that the higher the racial value of one people, the greater their overall value and strength is, the better they can overcome all struggles of life and obstacles and receive the many benefits of being one united Aryan community.

So I ask of all of you, those who are involved already and those who are yet to be awakened, be on my side, support my cause, support the cause of many other brothers and sisters, support the cause that many pro-White organizations fight for, the cause the National Socialist Movement, NSM88, fights for openly in public through rallies and events. You must remember that a cause will only achieve great success if it has people willing to sacrifice and risk all for one great result, and that no cause will ever achieve great success if it has people who only have individual interests and gains, such as Jews, that lead to cowardly and pathetic decisions that later bring the whole people down, due to those selfish beings.

Join the cause, join the fight for what is right and for what is White!

"Jews... If you do not exclude them from these United States, in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives our substance and jeopardized our liberty...our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands...Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics, let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American's, and will not even thou they live among us ten generations...they are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention."
Benjamin Franklin , great American hero, 1787

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